Delivery & Returns

Shipping & Carriage

U.K. Mainland Shipping Rates (Excludes Northern Ireland & Scottish Highlands)

FREE CARRIAGE will apply to all orders over £60.00 (excluding VAT) to a U.K. Mainland Address (Some exceptions will apply i.e.: Bonnet, Chassis & other volumetrically large items) For all orders under ?60.00, the actual postage charge will take into account the final or volumetric weight of the packaged items. All U.K. orders up to 1.5kg (inc packaging) will be dispatched by Royal Mail 1st Class Post. Orders over 1.5kg will be dispatched by carrier.

Current charges are as follows: U.K. Mainland Shipping Rates ( ex VAT, some exceptions will apply i.e.: Bonnet, Chassis & other volumetrically large items)

Weight (ex packaging)£ Charge
 0g-400g 2.95
 40g-1.1kg 4.95
 1.1kg-1.5kg 6.95
 1.5kg-26.5kg 8.95
 26.5kg-53kg 17.90
 53kg-80kg 26.85

International Shipping Rates

IMPORTANT THE CHARGE BANDS UPWARD FROM 1.6Kg EXCLUDING PACKAGING ARE APPROXIMATELY EVERY 25Kg AS SHOWN ON U.K. TABLE ABOVE. THIS OFTEN MEANS THAT YOU CAN ADD SOME PARTS TO YOUR ORDER WITHOUT ANY EXTRA CARRIAGE. I.E. UNTIL YOU REACH THE NEXT BAND. FOR BEST VALUE CARRIAGE ALWAYS TRY TO BE NEAR THE TOP LIMIT OF THE WEIGHT BAND THAT YOUR ORDER IS IN. All International Orders up to 2 Kg including packaging are dispatched by Airmail. Orders over 2Kg including packaging are dispatched by Air & Land Carrier. PLEASE NOTE: Some exceptions will apply i.e.: Bonnet, Chassis & other volumetrically large items. Our checkout will automatically calculate the weight & volume and resultant carriage cost of most orders. All prices quoted are subject to VAT at the current rate. All overseas orders will be charged according to weight & volume. If not automatically quoted please proceed to checkout and click for a quote by return email. *** We reserve the right to amend any prices without prior notice *** The following guide for delivery times is issued by the Royal Mail & our Carriers and inevitably will vary.

Additional Notes Whilst the carriage from completed orders cannot be shared with any new order we will do our best to physically add additional parts to a completed order wherever feasible. Complications with carriage weight bands can easily occur if additional weight is added to a completed order. For example, where most carriage weight bands including packing change at 30kg it may be possible just by adding 150g to a parcel of 29.95kg to cause it to go into the next weight band and so incur an additional carriage cost of 7.95 to the U.K. or 39.95 to much of Europe. In this example it would be much cheaper to send the additional parts as a separate order by Royal Mail to the U.K. or Airmail to Europe. Comparative additional costs would be 1.50 & 2.50 respectively.


EuropeAirmail in (working) daysCarrier in (working) days
 Austria 3 4
 Belgium 3 3
 Channel Islands 3 4
 Denmark 3 3
 Finland 3 4
 France 3 3
 Germany 3 3
 Greece 3 7
 Irish Republic 3 3
 Luxembourg 3 3
 Malta 6 7
 Netherlands 3 3
 Norway 3 3
 Portugal 3 5
 Spain 3.5 4
 Sweden 3 5
 Switzerland 3 4


Rest of WorldAirmail in (working) daysCarrier in (working) days
Canary Islands78
Central Africa810
Falkland Islands911
Hong Kong65
New Zealand79
South Africa 810
Thailand 78
U.S.A 77
Zimbabwe 812


How can I pay for my order?

We offer various ways for you to pay for your order, including Visa and MasterCard, Maestro; American Express; PayPal and Amazon Checkout.

Do you offer discount?

We can offer Free Postage (to UK) on all orders over £60 (excluding VAT) and discounts when ordering via the website. You can gain a 5% discount on orders £250 or over (excluding VAT) and 7.5% when spending £750 or over (excluding VAT) These discounts apply to completed website and orders and do not apply to orders placed by telephone.

What is the return Policy?

For information on our returns and refund policy please contact us

If an item is out of stock online can I still order it over the phone?

The website is linked directly to our stock control system. When an item is out of stock on the website it will also be out of stock for ordering by phone.

Do you delivery to my country?

We offer worldwide shipping. When you register for an account and enter your address the website will be able to calculate postage costs.

Can I order by phone?

You are welcome to order by phone. We are unable to offer the same discounts over the phone as found on our website.

Do you take back orders?

We do not take back orders on out of stock items.

Can you explain what the surcharge exchange system is?

All exchange units are subject to a surcharge. This surcharge serves two purposes; firstly, it acts as an incentive for you to return your old unit so we may continue to provide reconditioned parts, and secondly it provides us with financial cover if your returned unit proves unsuitable for exchange purposes.
Whether or not your returned unit is suitable for exchange purposes cannot be ascertained until it is made available to us for inspection. As a general rule, suitable for exchange basically excludes any items that are beyond reasonable repair or units irrevocably damaged. We are also unable to accept units unless they are returned in whole, complete form (i.e. differential units which are returned partly stripped with no bearings and all the shims missing are not generally accepted), nor do we accept a "box of bits". Surcharges will only be refunded once passed as serviceable. We can arrange for the collection of old units if required.